Don't Hold Back

If you have struggled with anxiety and depression, this program is for you. If you are looking to improve your effectiveness at work, this program is for you. If you're in sales, real estate, an entrepreneur, this program is for you.  If you're just someone who is not living life to your full potential, because you're holding yourself back, this plan is for you.

 I decide to start this program because of what I have seen over and over again in my clinical practice. I have been working with individuals with anxiety and depression for well over a decade now. What I quickly found was that the individuals I was working with not only overcame their anxiety but also overcame their fear of success.  I also found that those who attended sessions with my clients and applied the principles taught, found success in their lives.  What I've realized is that all of us hold our selves back, to one degree or another.

This program will teach you how to recognize the thought processes that limit your self belief.  By educating, coaching and having a supportive community you'll find that progress will happen rapidly. I've also realized that counseling is great for those individuals who have clinical issues. But counseling is not always needed for individuals to overcome themselves. This program takes the "best of the best" in counseling and will help you live your best life.


The Plan

Don't Hold Back is a system of training to help individuals meet their personal, professional and emotional goals.  The system is completed by three powerful methods.

1.  Training:  You will receive 6 weeks of group training to gain understanding and learning.

2.  Group:  You will receive 6 weeks of follow up groups to process and practice what you have learned.

3.  Community:  You will receive daily texts to prompt and coach you to success.  You will also be able to join a private Facebook page to communicate with your new found community.

4.  Coaching session:  You recieve an hour long individual session with Jeff in an effort to gain understanding of what personally holds you back from full success.

Don't Hold Back was created to help everyone overcome their fears without the obstacles of high cost.  Typically, you would pay $1,300 in session fees to receive this training and clinical work.  For less than a third of this cost you can receive the same benefit! 

The Schedule

Week 1: First Hour-  "Coming Clean"- A review of why and how we hold ourselves back.  This meeting will educate you on what      anxiety and fear is and how we overcome it.

              Second hour- Group discussion 

Week 2: First Hour-  "Change your thinking, change your life"-A review of powerful methods use by psychologists to change one's      thought patterns to change behavior.

              Second hour- Group discussion

Week 3: First Hour-  "What's Your Plan?"-A system will be taught to help you understand yourself.  You will also learn the best methods to creating, implementing goals.  You will also gain an understanding of what you really desire in life.  Best of all, learn to create life long habits.

               Second hour- Group discussion

Week 4: First Hour-  "Uncovering your self defeating beliefs"-Learn about the messages and scripts we tell ourselves each day.  Understand thinking errors and the core reasons we battle ourselves.

               Second hour- Group discussion

Week 5:  First Hour-  "Modifying your self defeating beliefs"-Learn how to reverse maladaptive  thinking and create new patterns to success.  "Conquer yourself, Conquer the world"

                Second hour- Group discussion

Week 6:  First Hour-  "Putting it all together"-Learn how to seamlessly implement all the skills you have learned to move yourself forward.

                Second hour- Group discussion