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* A 30 minute private consultation with Jeff Gregson CMHC, founder of Covert Introvert.

* Weekly text "coaching" and reminders to help you implement your new changes.

* 6 weeks of group training totaling 7 hours of life transforming instruction.


"After many years of helping people transform their lives, I have finally created a package that gives individuals the skills they want for more than half the cost of traditional help"-Jeff

Covert Introvert Training package is: $349.00



What you will learn!


Week 1: 1.5 hours-  "Coming Clean"- A review of why and how we hold ourselves back.  This meeting will educate you on what  anxiety and fear is and how we overcome it.

Week 2: 1 hour-  "Change your thinking, change your life"-A review of powerful methods use by psychologists to change one's thought patterns to change behavior.

Week 3: 1 hour-  "What's Your Plan?"-A system will be taught to help you understand yourself.  You will also learn the best methods to creating, implementing goals.  You will also gain an understanding of what you really desire in life.  Best of all, learn to create life long habits.

Week 4: 1 hour-  "Uncovering your self defeating beliefs"-Learn about the messages and scripts we tell ourselves each day.  Understand thinking errors and the core reasons we battle ourselves.

Week 5:  1 hour-  "Modifying your self defeating beliefs"-Learn how to reverse maladaptive  thinking and create new patterns to success.  "Conquer yourself, Conquer the world"

Week 6:  1.5 hours-  "Putting it all together"-Learn how to seamlessly implement all the skills you have learned to move yourself forward.

Individual Counseling

If you need help, but not ready to commit to a group, we also offer individual counseling. We specialize in all types of anxiety and depression for adults, children and teens.

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