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Let's End Your Social Anxiety


     Helping Introverts who have social anxiety overcome their fear, is our mission.  This is accomplished by self acceptance and learning to fight the fear, not yourself.

     Your are not shy.  You are not weak.  You have social anxiety.  You may also be an introvert.  Social anxiety is when one struggles with controlling their feeling of fear and panic when they socially engage.  This does not mean they dislike being with friends, or don't wish to meet new people.  This is simply a form of anxiety that shows it's self in uncomfortable social situations.

     The purpose of Covert Introvert is not to reform or “extrovert” the introvert.  It is rather to help the individual utilize their personality, strengths and compassion to over come their anxiety. Not all introverts suffer from anxiety.  But if you are an introvert who does, you know paralyzing this combination can be.

     What is an introvert? There are many discussions about what an introvert is, and is not.  Let’s be clear.  It simply means you are not an extrovert.  One is not better than the other.  Being an introvert means you are fueled by self care, personal space and respect.  You strongly value relationships, but don’t freely share yourself with everyone.  Your friends maybe few, but you are extremely loyal to them.  You may enjoy parties and socials, but are left exhausted after.  You don’t want to be alone, but you want to be left alone.

     What is anxiety?  Anxiety is when we perceive a threat, that is not there.  We feel this anxiety in our bodies and respond with limiting beliefs in our head.  It is natural to feel some nervousness and stress, it is necessary for our survival.  Unfortunately, for some of us this fear prevents us to excel or manage every day tasks and goals.  

     Basically, if you are an introvert who is not living to their full potential and falsely believes they must be more extroverted, this is for you.  I believe that you have many wonderful and unique traits that you can utilize for success.  I know that you have things to say, goals to meet and qualities to share.  You can have the success in relationships, careers, school and any interest while still feeling “fueled” and recharged.  It’s time to utilize your personality, fight the anxiety and be exactly who you want to be…without the fear.

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